Nijman/Zeetank, now exclusive carrier for BP in Poland

During the second year that Nijman/Zeetank was active in Poland, a partnership was entered into with BP. In 1997, Nijman/Zeetank started to distribute fuel and LPG to BP fuelling stations and BP customers throughout Poland. Since that time, Nijman/Zeetank and BP have worked together practically continuously, with the exception of the years 2006-2009.


In 2010, Nijman/Zeetank entered into a new fuel distribution contract, as one of the two carriers for BP Europa SE. With more than 500 fuelling stations in Poland in 2017, the fastest growing network of fuelling stations of all foreign entities, BP has seen significant growth. Nijman/Zeetank has also experienced significant growth, with the rapid expansion of both our fleet and our experience. During the term of the contract, along with our client, we introduced modern software to manage transport orders, with no major obstacles. The implementation of SAP for the automation of logistical activities also went smoothly.

In 2016, Nijman/Zeetank took part in a tender for the provision of transport services which resulted in a contract with BP Europe SE as exclusive carrier of fuel for BP stations in Poland.


This was huge recognition for us and proof that our client values the quality of our services. The contract began on 1 October 2017 but we had just six months to organise the entire operation, which was an extremely intensive and challenging period: from ordering the equipment to appointing drivers and training office staff in order to be able to guarantee a high level of service. For this contract we purchased dozens of the latest Scania trucks, fitted with the very latest traffic safety systems. The supplier of the tanks for this contract was Belgium-based LAG, a company that Nijman/Zeetank has worked with for many years.


Because of the very short period of time between selecting the carrier and the start of the contract, the last six months has required tremendous commitment from the employees of both Nijman/Zeetank and their suppliers. In a very short period of time they had to provide the equipment in accordance with our client’s technical specifications.

We now know that this operation was a success and on 1st October 2017, Nijman/Zeetank started to transport fuel to all BP stations in Poland.



June 2018:

- New ISO 9001 standard improves

risk control and creates opportunities


- The use of LNG is on the increase



November 2017:

- Nijman/Zeetank, now exclusive
  carrier for BP in Poland


- Nijman/Zeetank puts new flowmeter
       chassis into operation



June 2017:

- New filling installation Nijman/Zeetank


- Less fossil fuel consumption and
       lower CO2 emmissions