Glass logistics


Logistic service of glass

Nijman/Zeetank offers exclusive logistics services for the transport of glass. The glass is transported using special trailers, known as innenladers. Consignments are transported using dedicated innenladers throughout Europe, from loading sites in Great Britain, Germany, Poland, France, Italy and Belgium.

Would you like to know more about the transport of glass?

We use an advanced computer system to process orders; this system is fully connected to the customer’s systems through a certified SAP interface. The systems ensure that maximum use is made of the available capacity. These systems also automatically show the actual loading and unloading dates and times in the customer’s systems. The invoicing process is also fully automated, using the SAP interface with the customer’s systems.

Apart from specialised glass transport, at various locations we also take care of the entire logistics handling process on behalf of the customer. The glass is processed and managed from manufacturing, through the warehousing and distribution systems.


Communication is key

Good communication underlies an effective transport system. That is why we use an on-board computer to communicate with the drivers. This enables us to exchange information with them directly and to inform them of specific work-related instructions at any given time.

A safe way of transport.