ICT infrastructure

Nijman/Zeetank uses information and communication technology to enable it to respond as effectively as possible to the needs of customers. We are committed to high-quality ICT solutions, which are beneficial to our customers.

The ICT infrastructure has three main cornerstones:

  • Transport management
  • Supply chain integration
  • Fleet management


Transport management

Nijman/Zeetank uses transport management systems to manage and schedule operational activities. The strategy is to use the most effective system for each operational activity, to standardise and centralise the ICT tools internationally and to share the scheduling information at international level.


Supply chain integration

Depending on our customers’ needs, we are able to implement various types of interfaces. This enables us to operate as a fully committed partner in the logistics chain.

For example, the transport management system for glass is fully connected to the SAP system of one of our customers through a certified SAP® R/3® interface.


Fleet management

The entire Nijman/Zeetank fleet is equipped with on-board computers. This is how the drivers receive their messages and transport orders. This system enables all trucks to be traced in real time and customers can be given reliable data.

The integrated Driver Coach app helps to reduce fuel consumption and to reduce the size of the ecological footprint. The recording of driving hours and working hours is also fully automated.