The use of LNG is on the increase

For many years, LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) has been used in manufacturing processes in a factory setting or for the heating of factory buildings, particularly in countries where there are no closed pipeline networks for natural gas transport. For some years LNG has also been used as fuel in inland navigation, maritime shipping and in the road transport sector.


Noxious substance emissions when LNG is used in engines are lower than in diesel engines. The reduction in particulate matter

is 95%, in nitrogen oxide 80%, and in carbon dioxide 20%.

In addition, engines that use LNG as fuel are quieter.

This year three truck manufacturers (Iveco, Scania and Volvo) started to supply trucks fitted with LNG engines, which have sufficient power to be used both nationally and internationally.

Trucks fitted with LNG engines are more expensive to buy and, at the end of their service life, have a lower residual value.




Depending on the country, LNG fuel may be a little cheaper to buy than diesel and because of that, over the truck’s entire life cycle, the total operating costs can be quite variable. In addition, the empty weight of a truck with an LNG engine is a little higher,

which means a lower carrying capacity. For certain transport routes, this additional weight is, however, not detrimental and trucks fitted with LNG engines are perfect for these routes.

Especially in France, Spain and Italy, truck manufacturers anticipate there will be a greater demand for trucks fitted with

LNG engines because of the favourable tax rules that are in force.


Nijman/Zeetank has been involved in the transportation of LNG
since 2006. This started in Poland and, since 2013, Nijman/
Zeetank has also transported LNG within Western Europe from
Spijkenisse. To be able to meet the growing demand, last year
four new LNG transport trailers were commissioned; these trailers
will be delivered in the coming months. There will be more
information about these trailers in the next edition of In Tranzit.



March 2019:

- Nijman/Zeetank will be present again

 at Transport Logistic in Munich this

 year. This leading international exhibi-

 tion for logistics, mobility, IT and supply

 chain management will be held at the

 Messe in Munich from 4 until 7 June.


June 2018:

- New ISO 9001 standard improves

risk control and creates opportunities


- The use of LNG is on the increase



November 2017:

- Nijman/Zeetank, now exclusive
  carrier for BP in Poland


- Nijman/Zeetank puts new flowmeter
       chassis into operation