New LNG trailers

In the second half of 2018, Nijman/Zeetank commissioned four

new LNG trailers. The trailers have a working pressure of 7 bar

and a capacity of 52,000 and 58,000 litres. Like the existing LNG

containers, the new LNG trailers are equipped with a pump and a

flow meter. The producer is once again the Belgian company Van



During the preparation of the specifications, particular attention

was paid to the technical details and construction of the tanks,

the insulation material and the safety features. Both the inner

tank and the outer tank are made of stainless steel.

The insulation is made of a thin but very well-insulating multilayer

material. The space between the inner and outer tank has a

vacuum pressure of 10*E¯⁴ mbars. The insulation and vacuum

pressure give a holding time of 120 days when the tank is full.

This means that if the tank is loaded with LNG of -162®C

(the pressure in the tank is then 0 bar), it takes 120 days before

the tank pressure has risen to 7 bar. Good insulation is  an

important safety criterion.



The trailers are equipped with various ESDs (emergency stop

devices). An ESD should ensure that if a problem occurs during

unloading, the unloading process is immediately halted in a safe

manner. To connect the discharge hoses, you must open the valve

of the instrument cabinet. As soon as the valve has been opened,

the immobiliser is activated. This prevents driving with hoses



During the construction of the trailers, a great deal of attention

was paid to achieving the lowest possible weight in order to obtain

the highest possible loading weight.


With these four new trailers, Nijman/Zeetank now has a total of

11 LNG trailers in use.




September 2019:

- Nijman/Zeetank present at Transport
  & Logistic Trade fair in Munich


- New LNG trailers



March 2019:

- Nijman/Zeetank will be present again

 at Transport Logistic in Munich this

 year. This leading international exhibi-

 tion for logistics, mobility, IT and supply

 chain management will be held at the

 Messe in Munich from 4 until 7 June.


June 2018:

- New ISO 9001 standard improves

risk control and creates opportunities


- The use of LNG is on the increase