Rescue exercises at BP „Arki” station in Bytom.

The activities went very smoothly, without disturbing the functioning of neighboring facilities and adjacent areas, which at this scale of activities deserves recognition, as well as the full commitment and professional approach of Firefighters in the entire event.


After completing the exercises, we conducted training for firefighters in the field of security of fuel supplies, construction of a fuel installation, construction of LPG installations, safety of operation of these installations and emergency procedures.




On October 23th together with BP employees, Firefighters of the State Fire Service in Bytom, we conducted rescue exercises at BP „Arki” station in Bytom. The exercise plan included a collision of a passenger car with a tanker during fuel delivery, combined with a fuel leak and a tank fire at a later stage.

We practiced several scenarios:


• Evacuation of the station, first aid for victims, calling services

 by the station crew.

• Activities related to getting out a driver trapped in a passenger

car and a driver who has fainted in a tanker.

• Mastering the leak by the fire brigade, providing first aid to


• Extinguishing a fire, releasing a victim trapped in a car, first aid

for victims.







December 2019:

- Rescue exercises at BP „Arki” station

  in Bytom



September 2019:

- Nijman/Zeetank present at Transport
  & Logistic Trade fair in Munich


- New LNG trailers



March 2019:

- Nijman/Zeetank will be present again

 at Transport Logistic in Munich this

 year. This leading international exhibi-

 tion for logistics, mobility, IT and supply

 chain management will be held at the

 Messe in Munich from 4 until 7 June.