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Safety and quality Nijman/Zeetank

Nijman/Zeetank continually works to create a safe working environment for its employees, suppliers, customers and all other parties in the supply chain. The aim is to ensure a high level of safety and quality. It is important that customers can rely on our services. As well as correct processing and a high level of service, it is important that we can guarantee our customers that we will handle their products safely. A safe working environment is something that you have to create together. That is why this is a focus in all consultations, training sessions and courses.

Nijman/Zeetank is continually on the lookout for the latest technologies and tries to be innovative, enabling an even higher level of quality and service to be offered to customers. Clear working instructions, evaluation of processes and performance indicators contribute to a good safety and quality climate. By registering and analysing differences, modifications can be made promptly. By applying the plan-do-check-act cycle, we aim at a continual improvement in processes.

In terms of safety and quality, the bar is continually being raised. Improving the process constantly is a sound ambition.

Nijman/Zeetank offers safety and quality in the field of: