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25th Anniversary Nijman/Zeetank Poland

By the middle of 2020, 25 years had passed since the establishment of the branch of Nijman/ Zeetank International Transport Sp. z o.o. in Poland. From the beginning, the Company’s headquarters were located in Sandomierz and they still are.

The first employees were hired in May and June 1995. Employees numbered as of June 30 1995, 53 employees, including 6 office staff, 17 warehouse workers, 28 drivers and 2 mechanics.

The first headquarters of the Company were located in a temporary barrack, but since 1999 we have had an office and workshop building with a car wash on our own premises, a parking area for the truck fleet and a fuel station.

Nijman/Zeetank started its activity by transporting glass and loading semi-trailers in the warehouse of our client NSG Pilkington Poland (previous Pilkington Polska). We started with a fleet of 25 tractor units, 25 specialized glass innenladers and 27 tarpaulin semi-trailers. By 1997, the Company had expanded its activities to the transport of fuels and gas, and in 2000, we expanded our warehousing activities to include comprehensive glass warehouse services. From 2006 to this day we have transported LNG from Russia to Poland. We are also now developing the transportation of chemicals in tank containers for many European clients.

Over the past 25 years, Nijman/Zeetank has grown significantly and currently we employ over 500 people throughout Poland. We have a fleet of over 120 tractor units, 130 semi-trailers and tank trailers, and 80 different kinds of specialized warehouse equipment.

Nijman/Zeetank works with clients for whom the high quality of our services are very important, as well as suggesting initiatives that improve safety and working conditions, and supporting business developments.

I would like to thank our clients that have been with us for so many years and hope that we can develop our companies together by choosing the best solutions for both parties and adapting to the constantly changing business environment. We want to continue our partnerships for the next few years, and with our initiatives and actions contribute to our mutual success in the marketplace.

Also, I would like to thank all our employees for years of service, for their time, effort and personal commitment to the development of our Company. I would like to congratulate all employees who this year will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of working in our Company – 19 people in total – and express my appreciation for the work done in the development of Nijman/Zeetank.

The 25th anniversary celebration coincided with the Covid-19 pandemic, which is still a threat for most of us, so we could not properly celebrate a quarter of a century of our Company. Especially at this time, it is worth taking care of your own health and trying to gain some immunity before the upcoming autumn and winter period. However, we are glad that the Company has been operating on the Polish market for 25 years, it is constantly developing and improving, and that it is able to meet the changing requirements of customers and provide employees with stable employment.

Thanking you all for the years we have worked together, I wish our customers a fruitful time in the future that meets their expectations and that each employee continues our safe and rewarding work in the Nijman/Zeetank team.

Michał Słuchocki