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New trucks and LNG trailers

This year, we have taken delivery of various new trucks and LNG trailers for the Spijkenisse site. These are Volvo FH 460 HP trucks, equipped with an LNG-powered engine. In 2020, the first two LNG-powered Volvos were put into operation. An expansion in 2021 and 2022 brings the total number of trucks that run on LNG to 21. An article in a previous edition of In Tranzit stated that, on average, LNG-powered trucks reduce CO2 emissions by 19% in comparison to a diesel-driven truck. The number of vehicles using Bio-LNG is rising sharply, meaning CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to 90% once Bio-LNG is fully available.

Ten new LNG trailers were delivered in 2021; the majority of the trailers have a capacity of 59.5 m³ and a working pressure of 6 bar. This year, the fleet expanded further still with six new LNG trailers. The company now has a total of 24 LNG trailers/containers.

Despite the current situation, LNG truck stations in Europe are increasing in number, resulting in a denser network. Bio-LNG is also becoming increasingly available at these stations.